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A Golf Coach Near You – IOG Coach Emma Fairnie

IOG Coach Emma Fairnie

Find a golf coach near you! Our coach Emma Fairnie, deemed coach of the month by TrackMan, started playing golf at age 10 in Scotland. Emma was first introduced to golf at age 10. When her brother and dad were having a driving range session. Consequently, golf has become a huge part of her life. She turned pro in 2010 with a 0.6 handicap.

Emma is a great coach and her and the coaching team at the Institute of Golf continue to analyse different coaching styles and methods. Therefore continuing to increase their knowledge with the belief that certain theories have a time and place to be applied. Emma has many golfing achievements to date. Her most monumental one was when she was training in the United Kingdom. She finished runner up in the Trainee of the Year awards where the year group had over 400 trainees.

Golf Coach Near You
IOG Coach Emma Fairnie Doing What She Does Best

Emma is a great golf coach near you for not only her wealth of knowledge but also her big smile and sparkling personality. She loves meeting new players and is always ready to tackle any challenge. Emma’s key role is Junior Development and Programming at the Institute of Golf. Her motivation, aligned with IOG, is to continue to learn and understand more so the players can see the results faster. Come see Emma at the Institute of Golf! A great golf coach near you!

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