Stephen Liu’s Success with IOG’s Auckland Golf Coaching Team

Institute of Golf, Auckland golf coaching near you. New Zealand’s next superstar is 13-year-old Stephen Liu, coached by the Institute of Golf. He plays competitive golf for more than four years in New Zealand and overseas attaining a series of great results. He scored 221 (-1) over 3 rounds of golf in the Hawke’s Bay New Zealand Men’s Golf Championship in September 2017 with an 8-lead win for the under 13 championship. One week later, he once again takes the win in the men’s team. Coming first in the New Zealand National Junior High School tournament in Bay of Plenty.

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Champion at the Aims Games in Bay of Plenty

The Doors That Can Be Opened to Golfing Success

Stephen achieves his excellent golf results at the No.1 golf improvement company in New Zealand. Stephen never relaxes on his academics and continues to the high standards required for his studies. Consequently he believes that his biggest challenge currently is the balancing of time and effort between golf and school. He continues to strive for excellence in both domains. This is as his end goal is to get a scholarship from an ivy league or Stanford University. His goal is to tackle the American University League and become either an engineer or a PGA Tour Professional in 10 years.

For the win once again for the IOG Superstar Stephen LiuStephen says his progress is inseparable from the guidance and all-round support of the Auckland golf coaching team at IOG. Therefore he trusts his coaches 100% in the future and into the top U.S. universities. Stephen’s advice for all young golfers is “Treasure the precious opportunities and time you can practice, and do your best to be your best.” Come see what other success stories we have accomplished here at IOG and find your success story with an IOG Auckland Golf Coach near you!