IOG Superstar Jimmy Zheng

Be better at golf with the Institute of Golf. Jimmy Zheng, aged 16 with a +3 handicap has played golf for 7 years. This IOG superstar continues to be better at golf as his dream is to play golf as a profession. Jimmy intends to achieve this while attaining a degree at a top university in the States. Therefore Jimmy Zheng chooses the Institute of Golf (IOG) for his golf coaching. This is due to the sought-after combination of IOG’s high level of experience paired with their state-of-the-art technology to be better at golf.

“They have better facilities than other coaches in New Zealand and this helps them stay ahead and mould better players.”

Be Better At Golf with the Institute of Golf
Jimmy Zheng with Institute of Golf Director Coach Craig Dixon – Be Better At Golf


Jimmy Zheng believes that IOG’s experience with talented young golfers and their efficiency in method and being caring in nature is why he ‘trusts IOG 100%’. Therefore the trust built is where Jimmy has the confidence that IOG will get him where he needs to. He has had challenges in his golfing career in the demands of time and effort and in physical injuries. However, despite adversities he always gives ‘100% effort’ and advises other junior golfers to do the same.

“Never give up because in 10 years you won’t want to look back and say I wish I never stopped.”

IOG Superstar Jimmy Zheng’s Success

Through Jimmy Zheng’s 100% effort he has achieved great success in the golfing world. Jimmy Zheng in the past year alone has attained 3 wins and 5 top-10 finishes at national events. Jimmy Zheng attained 1st place in the Ryan Moore Junior Championship in the United States. 1st place in the Auckland Anniversary Tournament and also 1st in the South Island Under 19 Tournament in New Zealand.

Tournament Mindset of Jimmy Zheng – Focussed

As parents who always wants the best for their children, this is what Jimmy’s parents had to say about their child,

“Jimmy is very hard-working in everything he does. We are very grateful to Craig and Guy for their assistance and support to Jimmy over the years. IOG is a systematic golf institute with the top golf coaches in New Zealand. With the IOG team backing Jimmy, we saw him reach results much quicker and any problems were promptly corrected. Therefore my advice to the parents of golfers are to have trust in the coach, support and patience for their child to become better at golf.”

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