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Institute of Golf Superstar Rianne Li

IOG Superstar Rianne Li’s Story

The best golf coach near you at the Institute of Golf. See what success we build here with Superstar Rianne Li of only 11 years old. Another IOG gem. Rianne first came to IOG in 2017 with a 20 handicap. Since then with IOG’s unique Player Plan Programme dropped in handicap and is only a quarter of what it used to be with a current handicap of 4. She continues to work hard daily with her goal of a United States College Scholarship in mind. Rianne and her family puts their trust in IOG to help her attain her goals.

Player Plan Programme
IOG Player Plan Programme

IOG golf coaches provide the top golf coaching with the state-of-the-art golf technology of TrackMan, BodiTrak and SAM Putt Lab to get top results. Consequently, Rianne showcased what top results this is with her first win over in the States. Rianne got 1st place in the U.S.A. Future Golf Champions at San Diego and is continuing to have excellence in her golfing career with IOG by her side.

golf coaching at its finest
State of the art Trackman in a coaching session.

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