Introductory Golf Lesson
For players who are new to the Institute of Golf, we offer a 60-minute introductory golf lesson free of charge. We know from our extensive coaching experience, that improvement requires planning and time.
IOG Membership
Becoming a member of the Institute of Golf offers you significant cost savings and additional value and benefits. If you are looking to improve all aspects of your game, you’ll benefit from working with a coach to create a plan to get you to where you want to be, having one-on-one lessons, and attending specialised clinic.
Player Plan Programme
Is your child a golf enthusiast with big dreams to play in the PGA/LPGA? Or maybe their goal is to achieve a scholarship to play for U.S. university golf teams. Do you know how to help them realise their dreams?
We can help.
Director Coaches
As a premium coaching brand focus on achieving excellence, the Institute of Golf provides purpose-built golf training facilities that cater to the needs of all players.  Our experienced coaches are professional, focused and high motivated to help you achieve your desired results.  Using the most effective technology solutions, tools and products, our coaches ensure you have access to everything you need to improve any aspect of your game.
IOG Coaches
Our coaches utilise world-leading technology systems that enable them to precisely track, measure and analyse your performance and build an optimal improvement plan.  Our approach to achieving optimal results has always been data-driven, and our coaches use Trackman technology, as well as video analysis, to accelerate your development.
Lesson Packages for Young Players

(9 years of age & under)

These young-player focused packages offer a specially designed 30-minute lesson format. Our experience with working with young players has shown us that a half an hour is the ideal timeframe to enable our young player to learn and practice new skills.
On-Course Lessons Package

At the Institute of Golf, we want to help you achieve your goals, reduce your scores and improve your overall game. With ShotsToHole performance data, this package will create a highly-personalized improvement plan that can be continually monitored by your coach!

Gears Package

Gears system use 8 high-speed cameras, running at 360 frames per second, to capture 600 images per swing. By tracking both body and club data, the Gears system provides your coach with an exceptionally detailed data-set that will inform the design of a personalized improvement program.