School Holiday Program



The school holiday program is an exciting week-long golf journey!

Depending on the weather, and site, the classes can cover all things golf including full swing, chipping, putting, bunkers, on course game scenarios, rules, etiquette, focused personal practice, video swing analysis, putting and chipping competitions. The coaches will ensure each session involves a lot of self-practice, as well as teamwork, in a safe and controlled environment where we want to either ignite kids passion for golf or continue their desire to just GOLF!

Whilst the group age is quite broad from 6–13, golfers will be grouped into skill level so your son or daughter will be paired up with someone who is at similar skill not just age, so they can push and motivate one another. It’s quite often we find kids at age 7 more skilled than kids twice their age. Golf, unlike other sports like rugby or soccer, where the biggest kids often win… golf is the more skilled kids wins!

Do make sure that if the kids have their own clubs they take them, but we will have gear in case you don’t. A packed lunch and drink bottle is important, as well as clothing that is suitable for the weather conditions on the day. Send the kids with a can-do attitude and a smile, and we will encourage them to return as ladies or gentlemen with a few more cool skills to pass on to mum and dad.

The School Holiday Program is a great fun way to get the kids outside improving their love for the game, whilst learning great habits and life skills.


Sessions: 5 | Cost: $325

Duration: Monday – Friday daily from 9.30am to 12.30pm

Location: Albany or Ellerslie Facility


 Monday 14th Dec – Friday 18th Dec

Monday 11th Jan – Friday 15th Jan

Monday 18th Jan – Friday 22nd Jan

“Flanny started her wonderful golf journey at IOG School Holiday Program – which is not a simple daycare, but a place for kids to learn and grow. As a father, I’d like to have my daughter join the programme whenever possible to enable her to become more joyful and confident”

– Flanny Xue’s father

I am where I am today because of the help, support and guidance of the Institute of Golf and its team
– Lydia Ko, former world #1


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